I’m a Marie Curie Fellow at Prof. Baldocchi Biometlab (University of California, Berkeley), with IFAPA Research Center (Cordoba, Spain) and Dr. Gonzalez-Dugo department as my core institution, modelling savanna water and carbon fluxes integrating multiple source-scale Earth Observation data. During the end of 2015 I joined the UNU-FLORES institute (Dresden, Germany), where I was contributing to the development of the “Nexus Water-Soil-Waste approach”, being also the European leader of the TIGER project “Remote Sensing of water use and water stress in African savanna ecosystem from local to regional scale: Implications for land productivity”. After my PhD I was a postdoc in the Dept. of Env. Science, Policy and Management at the Univ. of California (Berkeley), also under the supervision of Prof. Dennis D. Baldocchi, where I continued my research on water dynamics over semi-arid ecosystems, evaluating the Tonzi savanna rangeland. I completed my PhD in December 2014, supervised by Dr. González-Dugo and Prof. Polo-Gómez.

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