The unknown, the unforetold, the unproven, that is what life is based on. Ignorance is the ground of thought. Unproof is the ground of action. […] Tell me […], what is known? What is sure, unpredictable, inevitable – the one certain thing you know concerning your future, and mine?

Ursula K. Le Guin

Savanna WATer and Carbon fluxes modeling integrating eartH observation data

The project aims to develop an information system for quantifying savanna water use and biomass production on a regional scale, with the ultimate objective of supporting decision-making processes. This effort directly addresses the European H2020 priorities of sustainable rural development and food security. Savannas are among the most complex, variable and extensive agrosilvopastoral systems on Earth (~20%). One fifth of the world’s population depend upon them, although they are extremely vulnerable to changes in land use and climate. These changes affect not only ecosystem functioning, but also the land-atmosphere linkages and regional carbon cycle, in ways still unknown. Since savannas are greatly influenced by human activities, private/institutional practices play a key role in their conservation. The integration of Earth Observation data into process-based models will enable us to map the evolution of the ecosystem health, improving their management, productivity and resilience.




  • WP 1 – Understanding 90% 90%
  • WP 2 – Modeling 85% 85%
  • WP 3 – Implementation 40% 40%
  • WP 4 – Dissemination 75% 75%

New publications!

New publications coming out!!! Gonzalez-Dugo et al., (2020). Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci Discussion. Long-term water stress and drought monitoring of Mediterranean oak savanna vegetation using thermal remote...

Coming back to Spain

DehesaBack in Spain, oak-grass savanna landscapes are called dehesas. They are highly valuable agro-foresty ecosystems, widely distributed over the Iberian Peninsula. Dehesas cover about 2.5 million in Spain, and 80% of this surface is in Andalusia and Extremadura...

XVIII Congreso Nacional de Teledeteccion

My supervisor, MP Gonzalez-Dugo and I went on September to the AET 2019, the annual conference organized by the Remote Sensing Spanish Association. It was held in Valladolid from the 24th to the 27th of September, and the Minister of Science Pedro Duque participated...

New Publication!!!

New publication from Ana Andreu (me), Timothy Dube, Hector Nieto, Azwitamisi E. Mudau, María P.González-Dugo, Radoslaw Guzinski and Stephan Hülsmann. Here the link: Remote sensing of water use and water stress in the African savanna ecosystem at local scale –...

LTC2018 8th 8th Advance Training Course on Land Remote Sensing ESA

During my continuous search of knowledge, I attended the 8th Advance Training Course on Land Remote Sensing of the European Space Agency (ESA) in Leicester, at the end of September. It was intense and enriching, a week of theoretical and practical lessons,...

Women in Science Radio Show – Spanish…

Hei, you should check (if you know Spanish...) the next link to the Semillas Dispersas show, about Women and Science. Y se vuelve a repetir el curso Mujeres y Ciencia de...
Dr. Elke Eichelmann talks about Science and women
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