New update by Amy Valach about our charity climbing with Alpine Ascents for Girls on Ice. Click here to read more and see more photos 🙂

We’ve been training hard…not just climbing or running, but also at work, carrying heavy instruments (like the ASD or the LICOR 6400). Everything is training!

Amy and me will join the expedition to Mt Shuksan in the Cascade Mountains (WA), to raise money for the Girls on Ice. This charity is run by an amazing group of women who provide expeditions to teenager girls from disadvantages backgrounds in the US, Canada, and Switzerland. We are doing a crowdfunding here:

During their expedition they learn skills from camp craft to mountaineering. They camp together, as a team, sharing responsibilities…so the experience also teach them cooperation, resistance, resilience, guiding…and the most important part, to trust themselves. All the expedition (the girls one and ours) are formed by (self identified) women.

I think (from my perspective of european woman, about 30, white, bla bla) that in this society woman have to re-learn to ocupy the space. To belive in ourselfs, to be secure, to be HERE, to be capable of saying what we think, what we want, and what we do not. To be strong, brave…so, which better place than the mountains to learn that? and surrounded by other women (supporting each other). The rock, the mountain, the nature…teach us tones of things: to respect them and love them, to share, to like our bodies, to need the other, to be needed…

So we ask you to continue supporting us! You still can fund us 🙂