Savannas are among the most complex, variable and extensive agrosilvopastoral systems on Earth. One fifth of the world’s population depend upon them (e.g. livestock, rural livelihoods). Droughts and erratic rainfall patterns across large parts of Spain (world) result in water-limited environments, sensitive to climatic conditions, environmental changes and land management practices, jeopardizing the ecosystem’s productivity and resilience. The aim of SWATCH is then, to develop an information system for quantifying savanna water use and biomass production on a regional scale, with the ultimate objective of supporting decision-making processes.
Objective 1 (Work Package 1): Improve the knowledge of the biophysical processes that govern the exchanges of water and carbon between savanna landscapes and the atmosphere

Objective 2 (Work Package 2): Develop a mechanistic and robust model of water/energy/carbon fluxes in a savanna ecosystem, by integrating biophysical processes and various remote sensing producs.

Objective 3 (Work Package 3): SWATCH implementation